Tips for smooth Viewing

When you try to watch a video song but get inconsistent or split viewing instead, the problem lies not with the video but your media player. It's because your media player is not programmed to buffer correctly and it requires certain adjustments in the 'settings'.

Here's how it goes:
(i am taking the example of media player version 10)

1) open windows media player.

2)Right click on the title bar.

3)Go to Tools> Options.

4)Click on Performance.

5)In the Network Buffering, Select Buffer and Adjust the seconds of content. Keep the seconds more than 45 seconds for smooth viewing. (This is your choice to select the seconds.)
After getting buffers of upto these seconds video will start playing and you will get the smooth viewing.

6)Click Apply and then OK.


Anonymous said...

Yep, this works. Thank You.

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